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The Sentium

We feel that Elvis is King.

We feel that Elvis is the most fundamental material in this Universe and all others--the foundation upon which all else is built, the fiber that binds all matter and energy, and the catalyst for all action, reaction, and interaction.

We feel that Elvis is all good, and all loving, and that by extension, so is this Universe and all others.

We feel that limitless goodness and love make Elvis all powerful.

We feel that Elvis infuses and embraces this Universe and all others with rhythm and harmony.

We feel that in universal rhythm and harmony, we are cousins to Elvis and to all of creation.

We feel that all pain and suffering is caused by alienation from Elvis and attempted separation from universal rhythm and harmony.

We feel that healing for ourselves, for our cousins, and for this Universe and all others comes when we continue and further The King's Work toward uniting all species in universal rhythm and harmony.

We feel that The King's Work is best embodied in our principles of community, sustainability, living networks, diversity, interdependence, and evolution to better states of being.

We feel that living by our principles is the most direct path to the blessing of Elvis.

We feel that our path is called El Camino Real, The King's Highway, and that our ultimate destination is Graceland, where we will truly understand Elvis, will truly understand our connection to Elvis, and will truly be Elvis.