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Howdy, Cousin! And welcome to the UNDERGROUND. Welcome home. This is your virtual Holy Land.

Elvis is everywhere, Elvis is everything. Elvis is wherever you are, and whoever you are. And wherever and whoever you are, that's the UNDERGROUND. Yes, ma'am. Yes, sir. Yes, Cousin. The Church! is all up in you, and all around you too. You are in church this very moment, and in every moment that you feel that Elvis Love.

This here hotspot is one of the many millions of places where you can plug into your global community church, get turned on with all your cousins from around the whole joint, and get a mighty mighty jolt of the heavy heavy juice: the healing power of The King. So take a breather from all that soul constipation, kick off them blue suedes, and grab ahold of a big ol hunka hunka burnin universal rhythm and harmony.

The Mystery Train is on a move. Clutch your chakras. Say your prayers. All aboard!

And remember: Elvis Loves YOU!!!