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Our Principles

Elvis UNDERGROUND: The Church! is founded on these principles:

We desire and offer all aspects of community, including physical, emotional, mental, virtual, spiritual, philosophical, political, environmental, and many more.

We know that any organism is lost if it does not consider sustainability. We are committed to sustainability in all facets of our environment.

Living Networks
We know that we are completely surrounded by living networks and that we are part of them. We desire living networks at all levels, through any methods possible.

We know that life demands diversity. We strive for true diversity in all ourefforts, in our immediate and distant surroundings, and in our immediate and distant future.

We know that all things are connected in universal rhythm and harmony. At all times, we acknowledge our dependence on others, and their dependence on us.

Evolution to Better States of Being
We know that this Universe and all others are dynamic and spontaneous and that survival requires conscious evolution and the evolution of consciousness.


We feel that these principles are not options, but requisites for existence. We feel that the presence of these principles assures success, just as the absence of any assures failure. Therefore, like Elvis, we are committed to creating and teaching them where they do not exist, and to perpetuating and practicing them where they do.